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Your Fines is a section of this website which allows you to view information related to fines being managed by Fines Victoria. 

To log in, you will need your obligation number, infringement number or court case number. You may also be asked to enter some other details about yourself, your driver licence, or vehicle registration details.

What you can do

Once you've logged in, you can:

  • see outstanding fines being managed by Fines Victoria
  • see details of your payment arrangements
  • see how much you owe for your outstanding fines or payment arrangement
  • set up an SMS payment reminder
  • view a PDF photo for camera detected traffic offences (if available)
  • access your fine history for matters finalised within the past 6 months.
What you cannot do

You will not be able to:

  • view fines that are not managed by Fines Victoria. If you are not sure who is managing a fine, check the most recent notice for instructions and payment details
  • download PDF photos for a fine that has already been paid
  • download PDF photos for toll fines
  • download PDF photos for fines issued more than 6 months ago.
Things to note:
  • Data on this website is updated once every 24 hours. If a recent fine or payment does not appear, please wait 24 hours and check again.
  • Payments may take 4-5 working days to appear on this website, and cheques may take even longer. If you are approached by a sheriff’s officer, you should provide them with evidence of your payment.
  • This website may not show all your fines. Differences in the spelling of your name, address, and driver licence, from data we have been given by enforcement agencies, may mean not all your fines are displayed when viewing your fines. If you think you might have other fines registered with Fines Victoria, please contact us.
  • Some enforcement agencies do not ask us to enforce and collect their fines, so these fines will not be listed on this website. Refer to your most recently issued notice for information about who is managing your fine.
  • If you do not do anything about your fine, and a sheriff’s officers can detain, seize or sell your property, and you may be liable for additional costs not shown on this website.
  • If you've recently changed your name, address or any other personal details, the information provided on this website may not reflect this change.
Your privacy is important to us

Only people who have a lawful reason can access information about your fines. This means only you, or someone you authorise (like your lawyer or an interpreter) is allowed to access your information.

The login process we use establishes your identity and protects your personal information.

The information you provide will be used for verification purposes only. More information about the handling of your personal details is available in our Privacy statement.


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