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If you have been served with a 7 Day Notice, this is your final warning. A 7 Day Notice is only issued to an individual and cannot be issued to a company.

During the 7 day period, the Sheriff may seize your property, wheel clamp your vehicle, detain your vehicle or remove your vehicle’s number plates.

Your options

During the 7 day period, you can:

Once the 7 Day Notice period expires, your only option is to pay your outstanding fine(s) subject to the 7 Day Notice in full.

If you don't do anything about your 7 Day Notice

If you don't do anything about your 7 Day Notice, sheriff's officers will take action to finalise the warrant, for example by seizing and selling your personal property or arresting you so that you are brought before a magistrate or judge.

Fines Victoria may also direct VicRoads to suspend your licence or registration. You will be notified in writing if this happens. It is an offence to drive with a suspended licence or unregistered vehicle.

Talk to someone

If you'd like to discuss your options, contact Fines Victoria.



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