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If you are caught breaking the law for some offences, you will be issued with a penalty in the form of an Infringement Notice (a fine).

When you first receive a fine, you are issued with an Infringement Notice. You will have 21 days to pay it, or deal with it in another way.

If you do not deal with your Infringement Notice by the due date, you will be issued with a Penalty Reminder Notice and a late fee will be added to your fine.

If you do not do anything about your Infringement Notice and Penalty Reminder Notice, a Notice of Final Demand will be issued and another late fee will be added to the fine.

If you do not pay your fine or do anything about your Penalty Reminder Notice and Notice of Final Demand, the Magistrates' Court of Victoria may issue an electronic Enforcement Warrant against you, and another late fee will be added to the fine.

If you have received a 7 Day Notice, this is your final warning to deal with your fine before the Sheriff takes further action against you.

Fines for excessive speed, drug and alcohol offences are different to other fines - they are more serious. You must act quickly to avoid licence suspension.

If you do not take action to resolve your outstanding fine(s), Fines Victoria can apply a driver and/or vehicle sanction against you. Heavy penalties apply for driving unlicensed and for driving an unregistered vehicle.

Answers to common questions about paying and dealing with your infringement fines.