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Answers to common questions about paying and dealing with your infringement fines.

If your fine was issued by a court, see Court fine FAQs.

  • I'm the vehicle owner but I wasn't driving when the fine was issued. What should I do?
  • I don't think this fine is fair. What are my options?
  • I can't afford to pay this fine right now. What can I do?
  • I have an excellent driving record and hardly ever get fined. Is there anything I can do?
  • What should I do if my driver licence or vehicle registration has been suspended?
  • What should I do if I have received a ‘Suspension of Driver Licence and/or Vehicle Registration Pending' letter?
  • What changes have been made to the road rules for distracted driver and seatbelt offences?
  • How do the new distracted driver cameras work?
  • Where are the new distracted driver cameras located?
  • How can I claim a seatbelt exemption?
  • I've lost my fine. What should I do?
  • I need help to deal with this fine. What support is available?
  • I already have a payment arrangement and I have received a new fine. How can I add this new fine to my payment arrangement?
  • Why has my company vehicle received a traffic fine for more than $3,000?
  • I got a Notice of Final Demand but I did not get the earlier Infringement Notice or Penalty Reminder Notice.
  • An officer gave my fine to me on the spot and there's no obligation number on it. How can I pay the fine?
  • I sold my vehicle but I later received a fine for it. What can I do?
  • My vehicle was stolen, or my number plates were stolen/copied, when the fine was issued. What should I do?
  • I sold my vehicle in another state, and I have now received a fine for it. What should I do?
  • I wasn't driving at the time of the offence but it's now too late to nominate. Is there anything I can do?
  • Why have I received a Failure to Vote fine from Fines Victoria?
  • Will my fine ever expire?
  • I've been getting fines at my address, but the person doesn't live here.
  • How does Fines Victoria handle my personal information?
  • How can I make a complaint about a breach of privacy?
  • Why is Fines Victoria contacting me by phone when I have not provided my consent to be contacted?
  • How can I get information on fines issued to deceased person?
  • What should I do if a fine has been issued to a person for an offence that happened either before or after they died?
  • What do I do if I want to nominate a fine issued to a person who has died?
  • What should I do if a vehicle is registered in the name of the deceased person?
  • I have received a fine for speeding. Can I see a copy of the camera test certificate?
  • How do fixed, mobile and point-to-point cameras work?
  • How often are fixed/mobile/point-to-point road safety cameras tested?
  • How are red light offences detected?
  • There are two vehicles in my fine photo. How do you know the person speeding was me?
  • I have a speeding fine on the Hume Freeway or Peninsula Link. Why is there more than one time-stamp on my offence photo?
  • I have a fine for driving through a red light. Why are the time stamps the same?
  • I saw a camera flash but I was not speeding. Did I get fined?
  • How can I suggest a road safety camera location?
  • Can you tell me how many demerit points I have on my licence?
  • What happens if I am bankrupt?
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