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If you don't deal with your Infringement Notice by the due date, you will be issued with a Penalty Reminder Notice and a fee of $26.60* will be added to your fine.

This will give you an additional 14 days to deal with your fine before it becomes more serious.

Your options

You have the same options available as you did when your fine was an Infringement Notice. You can:

Fines for excessive speed, drink or drug-driving offences are different from other fines – they're more serious.

This website only deals with fines managed by Fines Victoria. If you are not sure who is managing your fine, refer to your Penalty Reminder Notice or contact the agency that issued the fine.

If you have received a public transport fine, or a fine issued by a local council, you will need to deal with your fine and any additional fees through the agency that issued it to you.

To pay a public transport fine or learn about your options, visit the Department of Transport and Planning website.

What happens if you don't pay?

If you do not act by the due date on your Penalty Reminder Notice, you may be issued with a Notice of Final Demand. If you were issued a fine for an offence but were not the driver of the vehicle at the time, you can no longer nominate the person who was driving once a Notice of Final Demand has been issued.

* Fine amounts and fees correct as of 1 July 2022. Amounts are adjusted in July each year.



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