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When you first receive a fine, you will be issued with an Infringement Notice. You will have 21 days to pay the fine, or deal with it in another way, such as applying to pay it in instalments or requesting a review.

Your Infringement Notice will include information about:

  • your offence
  • how much you owe
  • how you can pay
  • your options for dealing with the fine
  • the fine due date.
Your options

You can:

Always refer to your Infringement Notice for instructions on what to do and how to pay.

Things to note

This website only deals with fines managed by Fines Victoria. If you have received a public transport fine, or a fine issued by a local council, and it is at the infringement stage, you will need to deal with it through the agency that issued it to you – not Fines Victoria.

To pay a public transport fine or learn about your options, visit the Department of Transport and Planning website.

For Victoria Police fines issued for alleged speeds of less than 10 km/h in excess of the posted limit, you may be eligible for an official warning in place of the fine. Find out more

What happens if you don't pay

If you do not act by the due date on your fine, your fine may move to the next stage, and you will be issued with a Penalty Reminder Notice.



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