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When you first receive a fine, you will be issued with an Infringement Notice. You will have 21 days to pay the fine, or deal with it in another way, such as applying to pay it in instalments or requesting a review.

Your Infringement Notice will include information about:

  • your offence
  • how much you owe
  • how you can pay
  • your options for dealing with the fine
  • the fine due date.
Your options

You can:

Always refer to your Infringement Notice for instructions on what to do and how to pay. 

Fines for excessive speed, drink or drug-driving offences are different from other fines – they are more serious. Please ensure you act on these fines before the due date on the notice. 

For fines issued by Victoria Police for alleged speeds of less than 10 km/h over the posted limit, you may be eligible for an official warning in place of the fine. Information about official warnings is available on the Victoria Police website.

What happens if you don't act on your fine

If you do not act by the due date on your fine, your fine may move to the next stage and you may be issued with a Penalty Reminder Notice.

Things to note

This website only deals with fines managed by Fines Victoria at infringement stage. This means you can submit a request for a review, a court hearing, more time to pay or to pay in instalments on this website. For a list of fines managed by Fines Victoria at Infringement stage visit About infringements

If you have received, for example, a public transport fine or a fine issued by a local council that is at infringement stage, you need to deal with the enforcement agency that issued the fine – not Fines Victoria. For these fines, Fines Victoria will only get involved once a Notice of Final Demand is issued.

Fines Victoria can provide assistance in relation to an application for the Family Violence Scheme or Work and Development Permit from when an infringement is issued up until the expiry of a 7 Day Notice.

Always check your most recent notice for instructions on what to do, who to contact and how to pay.


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