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If you don't pay your infringement fine and do not do anything about your Penalty Reminder Notice and Notice of Final Demand, the Magistrates' Court of Victoria may issue an Enforcement Warrant against you and a fee of $60.20* will be added to your fine. This means your fine amount is now $224.60 more than when it was first issued.

Once an Enforcement Warrant is issued, if necessary a sheriff's officer has the power to search for and seize property or your vehicle to sell, wheel clamp or detain your vehicle or arrest you so that you are brought before a magistrate.

Learn more about what happens when the Sheriff contacts you on the Department of Justice and Community Safety website.

Your options

To avoid further enforcement action against you once an Enforcement Warrant has been issued, you can:

If you are eligible, the Work and Development Permit (WDP) scheme provides vulnerable people with a non-financial option to deal with their fine debt. The Family Violence Scheme helps victim survivors with fines if there is a link between the family violence and their fines.

If you don't do anything about your Enforcement Warrant

If you do not pay the full amount (including the added costs), apply to pay in instalments or apply for more time to pay, you will be personally served with a 7 Day Notice.

Talk to someone

If you'd like to discuss your options, contact Fines Victoria.

* Fine amounts and fees correct as of 1 July 2022. Amounts are adjusted in July each year.



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