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If you do not do anything about your Infringement Notice and Penalty Reminder Notice and the due date has passed, the agency that issued the fine may register the matter with Fines Victoria.

We will then send you a Notice of Final Demand and a further fee of $147.10* will be added to your fine. This means the fine amount is now $175.50* more than when it was first issued to you because of the extra fees added when the Penalty Reminder Notice and Notice of Final Demand were issued.

You must comply with this notice within 21 days or enforcement action may be taken against you.

Your options

To comply with your Notice of Final Demand, your options are:

If the fine is for a traffic offence and you were not driving at that time, it is now too late to nominate the responsible driver. You can no longer nominate once a Notice of Final Demand has been issued (except in limited circumstances, such as family violence situations).

If you don't do anything about your Notice of Final Demand

If you do not do anything by the due date, we may take one or more of the following enforcement actions:

  • suspend or prevent you renewing your driver licence
  • suspend or prevent you renewing your vehicle registration
  • prevent you from transferring your vehicle registration out of your name
  • make a deduction from your bank account, wage or money owed to you
  • charge and sell land you own.

We may also apply to the Magistrates' Court to issue an Enforcement Warrant. If this happens, a sheriff's officer has the power to:

  • wheel clamp your vehicle
  • remove the number plates from your vehicle
  • seize and sell your personal property
  • arrest you to appear before a judge or magistrate.
Talk to someone

If you'd like to discuss your options, contact Fines Victoria.

* Fine amounts and fees correct as of 1 July 2024. Amounts are adjusted in July each year.



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