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If you have received a fine and can't pay the full amount by the due date, you can apply for more time to pay. If eligible, this will extend the due date of your fine.

Who can apply?

An individual or a company, can apply for an extension to pay your fine.

Your application may be assessed based on:

  • outstanding fine amount
  • income
  • financial status
  • payment history and,
  • any hardship that you are experiencing.


What fines are not eligible for a payment extension?

You are not eligible to apply for a payment extension if:

  • you are an individual and you have been issued with a 7 Day Notice which has expired, or you waived the 7 day period
  • you are a company that has had their property seized under an enforcement warrant or if the director has become a declared director
  • the fine is a court fine issued by or registered with the Children’s Court. For the options available to you, please visit the Children’s Court website
  • a criminal warrant to arrest or a warrant to seize property has been issued against you after a hearing in open court
  • a civil warrant has been issued against you where money is owed
  • an enforcement warrant has been issued against you for not reporting to a community corrections centre as required by a community work permit
  • a warrant to imprison has been issued against you
If you cannot apply online

If you cannot apply online, you can:


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