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If you've received a 7 Day Notice for a fine issued by a court, this is your final warning to deal with your fine before the Sheriff takes further action against you.

Your options

During the 7 Day Notice period, you can:

Once the 7 Day Notice period expires,* you cannot apply to pay your fine off in instalments or ask for more time to pay.

If you don't do anything about your 7 Day Notice

If you don't do anything about your 7 Day Notice, sheriff's officers will take actions to finalise the warrant.

Fines Victoria may also direct VicRoads to suspend your licence or registration. You'll be notified in writing when this has happened. Note: It's a serious offence to drive with a suspended licence or unregistered vehicle.

If you are arrested, sheriff's officers may (subject to certain conditions) release you on a community work permit to undertake community work, if you are eligible.  

Talk to someone

If you'd like to discuss your options, contact Fines Victoria.



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