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A court fine is a financial penalty that is ordered by a court following a hearing for an offence.

In Victoria, our courts include the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria and the County Court of Victoria. A magistrate or judge may order a financial penalty, and then choose to refer the fine to Fines Victoria for collection and enforcement.

At Fines Victoria, we provide a single point for customers to manage their fines. For example, in most cases we can help you combine your court fine with other infringements from different agencies, and pay in instalments under a single payment arrangement.

Under the Fines Reform Act 2014, most fines and costs ordered by the court are now referred to us for collection and management. This is designed to reduce the administrative burden on the courts and centralise payment arrangements from multiple bodies.

Court fine stages:

For more information on the court fines lifecycle and process, see Court fines lifecycle (PDF).


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