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Did your company receive a traffic infringement for more than $3,000?

Published on 05 May 2022

If your company receive a camera-detected traffic infringement for more than $3,000, you need to nominate the person who was driving.

When you nominate the driver, the fine will be re-issued in their name and the fine payable will be at the much lower individual rate.

For some offences, company vehicles are issued with a body corporate infringement notice, which is much larger than the fine given to an individual. This larger amount is to encourage companies to nominate the responsible driver, so that demerit points can be applied to their licence.

As companies do not have a driver licence for applying demerit points, an authorised officer of the company must therefore nominate the person who was driving.

If the nomination is accepted, that driver will receive a new fine in their name, the demerit points will be applied to their licence and the amount payable will be at the individual rate and should be significantly lower.

You should nominate the driver quickly. Once the fine progresses to Notice of Final Demand stage, it is too late to nominate and the company will therefore be liable for the fine. Companies that fail to nominate a driver three or more times within a 12-month period may be fined more than $20,000.


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