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Fines Victoria

Fines Victoria is a Victorian Government administrative body introduced as part of the Fines Reform Act 2014 commencing on 31 December 2017.

Fines Victoria look after various stages of the fine and infringement process. They:

  • send infringement notices (fines) on behalf of some issuing agencies
  • process enforcement warrants issued by the Magistrates' Court
  • collect fine payments
  • help you resolve your fines by offering information you may need, through this website and our call centre.

Some of the fines that Fines Victoria manage are:

  • speeding and red light fines
  • tolling fines
  • unregistered vehicle fines
  • court fines
  • marine safety fines
  • gambling and liquor related fines.

Services provided by Fines Victoria include the contact centre, William Street counter and the Fines Victoria website that allows people to self service, make payment or explore their options.

In some cases, you can only deal with your fine through the agency that issued it. For example, if you have a fine at the Infringement Notice or Penalty Reminder Notice stage for:

  • a public transport fine
  • a fine issued by a local council.

For these types of fines, this website can only take payments or applications if your fine has reached the Notice of Final Demand stage.

If you're unsure how to deal with your fine, refer to the options available on your fine, or contact the agency that issued it.

For more details about the options available for public transport fines, visit the Department of Transport website.

Director, Fines Victoria

The Director, Fines Victoria deals with the processing and enforcement of unpaid fines. Enforcement warrants can be issued for unpaid infringement fines or unpaid court fines.

Where a person or company can pay but they fail to do so, the Director, Fines Victoria can apply sanctions to hold people to account.

The Director, Fines Victoria can:

  • suspend or prevent you renewing your driver licence
  • suspend or prevent you renewing your vehicle registration
  • prevent you from transferring your vehicle registration out of your name
  • make deductions from your bank account, wages or money owed to you
  • charge and sell land that you own.

The Sheriff and Sheriff's officers

The Sheriff is an officer of the Supreme Court of Victoria, responsible for enforcing warrants for both civil and criminal offences received from all Victorian and interstate courts. This includes warrants for:

  • unpaid fines registered with Fines Victoria
  • unpaid fines imposed by a magistrate following an appearance in court.

If a fine remains unpaid, the Sheriff is responsible for enforcing a warrant issued against you. If you have an outstanding enforcement warrant, sheriff's officers can:

  • seize and sell your property
  • wheel clamp or impound your car
  • remove your vehicle's number plate
  • arrest you.

Find out more about what happens if you don't deal with your fines.

Visit the Department of Justice and Community Safety to learn more about the Sheriff.


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