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You must notify VicRoads

You are legally required to update your address with VicRoads within 14 days of moving.

Fines sent to the address registered with VicRoads are taken to be received by you 7 days after the date of the notice – even if you no longer live there and did not receive anything.

This means that agencies can take enforcement action against you if you have not dealt with a fine, even if it was sent to your old address.

You can update your contact details for both your licence and vehicle registration online at VicRoads.

If you have recently changed your name, address, driver licence number or any other personal details, it may take some time for this change to display on this website.

You should also notify Fines Victoria of your address change

If you:

  • have outstanding fines
  • have requested a review
  • are paying off your fines in instalments
  • have a payment extension

You should also let Fines Victoria know if you have changed your address or contact details. You should also let VicRoads know of any changes in your address or contact details.


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