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If you were previously in custody but are no longer in custody because:

  • the charges against you were withdrawn
  • you were sentenced to a term of imprisonment, but you are not required to serve any more time because of the time you had already spent in custody
  • the charges that meant you were taken into custody have now been heard and determined, without any term of imprisonment resulting

then you have up to six months from your release date to ask for your relevant outstanding infringement and court fines to be waived or dealt with by the court.

If the total of your outstanding fines is less than the term of your sentence, we must waive the payment of your unpaid fines, up to a maximum of 24 months prison time.

If you do not have enough prison time to cover all your fines, we will make an application to the court on your behalf and the court will decide what orders to make about your fines.

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