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The Fines Reform Act 2014 provides that a sentenced prisoner, who has outstanding registered infringement fine(s), can request the Director, Fines Victoria to apply to the Magistrates' Court for the prisoner to serve a term of imprisonment instead of paying the registered infringement fine(s).

The Prison Program (Timed Served Scheme) enables prisoners to address their unpaid fines by converting them into imprisonment days that can be served concurrently or in addition to their sentence.

The intention of the scheme is to support prisoner rehabilitation and reintegration into the community by releasing prisoners with a 'clean slate' in respect to fine debt.

The Time Served Scheme enables 'time served' to be counted from the date the prisoner entered custody, including time spent on remand to the prisoner's earliest release date.

A Magistrate may hear an application after a prisoner has been released from prison provided the application was made and lodged with the court while the prisoner was in custody.

Magistrates can make orders to address 'excess fines' where the length of a prisoner's sentence doesn't account for their total fine debt.

Depending on the prisoner's circumstances, a Magistrate may:

  • discharge the excess fines in part or full
  • make an order to pay by instalments
  • make an order to do community work
  • make an order for a term of imprisonment.

The Prison Program is responsible for administering the Time Served Scheme. In particular, it is responsible for:

  • providing prisoners with relevant documentation to request the Director, Fines Victoria make an application on their behalf
  • responding to enquiries
  • preparing and lodging applications on behalf of the Director with the Magistrates' Court for hearing
  • processing orders made by the Magistrates' Court.

For more information on the Time Served Scheme, please call (03) 9948 8471



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