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We welcome your feedback, compliments and complaints about the services we provide and how we deliver them. This helps us improve the way we do things.

If you want to:

If you want to:

  • Provide feedback about a service we have given, or suggest an improvement to our services
  • Provide a compliment about a service we have given
  • Lodge a complaint about a process or service you have received, or the handling of a complaint, where you want a resolution and/or response.


How we handle complaints

Before deciding whether to submit a complaint, you can contact us or call us on 03 9200 8111 to see if we can help you resolve the issue. If you are not satisfied with the response, you can lodge a complaint below.

When we receive a complaint from you, we will assign it to a Customer CARE Officer from the Department of Justice and Community Safety, for review and investigation. The Customer CARE Officer may need to speak to you to confirm your identity if they need to access and discuss your personal information.

The Customer CARE Officer will work closely with you and may ask you to provide further details to finalise the complaint. We will provide a resolution to your complaint within 30 days. If we are unable to provide a resolution within this timeframe, we will communicate this to you.

During the complaint resolution process, the Customer CARE Officer will:

  • give you the opportunity to provide additional information or comments
  • let you know what issues they are considering
  • explain their involvement in the process
  • let you know what might be the possibly or likely outcomes
  • keep you informed of the progress and when you can expect an outcome
  • provide further information about your rights of review, including approaching other agencies such as the Victorian Ombudsman if you are not satisfied with the outcome.

When we work with you, we will:

  • be respectful, approachable and considerate
  • address your complaint as quickly as possible
  • listen to you and actively work with you
  • take all reasonable steps to resolve your complaint
  • protect your privacy
  • consider what is fair
  • provide clear reasons for the outcome of your complaint

When working with us we expect you to:

  • treat our staff with courtesy, consideration and respect – we do not allow any harm, abuse or threats directed at our staff
  • provide us with all relevant information
  • tell us if you need help to address your complaint – such as using an interpreter or someone who you authorise, or is authorised, to make enquiries or act on your behalf.
  • co-operate with the Customer CARE Officer who is handling your complaint – we reserve the right not to respond to contact from you which contains abuse, inflammatory statements or material clearly intended to intimidate


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