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Answers to common questions about fines issued by a judge or magistrate at court.

If your fine is an infringement, such as a traffic, camera or officer-issued fine, see Infringement fine FAQs.

My question is about:
    Understanding court fines

  • What is a court fine?
  • How do I know what type of court fine I have?
  • Who decides if a court fine is managed by Fines Victoria or Court?

  • Whether I have a court fine

  • How can I check if I have received a fine from a court?
  • What are my options if I did not attend the court hearing?
  • Why did I receive a Notice of Final Demand when I never received a Court Fine Collection Statement?

  • How to deal with my court fine

  • What are my options for dealing with my court fine?
  • Can I apply for a rehearing to dispute this court fine?
  • Is a court fine eligible for an enforcement review?
  • If you are managing my court fine, can I still convert it to unpaid community work?
  • Can a court fine be added to my work and development permit?

  • Payment arrangements for court fines

  • Can I apply for a payment arrangement for each type of court fine referred to Fines Victoria?
  • Is there a way to streamline my payment arrangements so I do not have multiple plans?
  • Can court fines be put on a payment arrangement through Centrepay?

  • Court fines and warrants

  • What does it mean if there is a warrant on my court fine?
  • What is the execution process for an enforcement warrant?
  • Can I apply to recall a warrant on my court fine?

  • Not paying my court fine

  • What happens if I do not pay my court fine?

  • Bankruptcy

  • What is bankruptcy?
  • What happens to my fines if I have been declared bankrupt?
  • What information needs to be provided when notifying Fines Victoria of bankruptcy?
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