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Filling out your address details made simpler

Published on 10 Sep 2019

It's now quicker and easier to complete your forms online.

Easier payment arrangements for Victorians

Published on 15 Aug 2019

If you’re on a payment arrangement and incur an additional fine you may have been sent a text message encouraging you to add it to your existing arrangement.

How to pay your court fine

Published on 14 Aug 2019

If you have been issued a court fine, you can pay it in a couple of different ways.

Sheriff Operations ramp up across the state

Published on 18 Jul 2019

Sheriff’s officers hit the road again last week as part of a state-wide focus on enforcement operations.

Call wait times down to new low

Published on 12 Jul 2019

When you call Fines Victoria, you can expect to be answered within an average of a couple of minutes.

Your fines in a report only a click away

Published on 05 Jul 2019

The Fines Summary Report is a new feature on the Fines Victoria website which allows you to see, in one report, all your outstanding fines and any on a payment arrangement.

Nominating another driver? You must do so before Fines Victoria issues a Notice of Final Demand

Published on 10 May 2019

If you need to nominate the responsible driver for your fine, do it early.

Once the fine progresses to Notice of Final Demand stage, nominating another driver is not an option.

Systems maintenance - speeding and red light fine images unavailable this weekend

Published on 12 Apr 2019

Fines Victoria will be performing systems maintenance over the weekend of April 13 and 14.

Have you received a call or text message from Fines Victoria?

Published on 09 Apr 2019

Fines Victoria is actively making contact with people to assist them to resolve their matters before additional fees are added.

Change of address? Remember to update your details with VicRoads

Published on 24 Sep 2018

Have you moved recently? By law you must advise VicRoads of your new address within 14 days of moving.