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If you don't pay your fine and ignore all reminders, the matter will become more serious and costly.

The Director, Fines Victoria's powers

The Director, Fines Victoria can:

  • suspend or prevent you renewing your driver licence
  • suspend or prevent you renewing your vehicle registration
  • make deductions from your bank account, wages or money owed to you
  • charge and sell land that you own

If the Director, Fines Victoria has taken one of the above actions against you, you'll need to deal with your outstanding fines to stop further enforcement action.

If you continue to ignore your fine, the Magistrates' Court may issue an enforcement warrant, giving the Sheriff power to enforce that warrant and take action against you.

The Sheriff's powers

If the Magistrates' Court issues an enforcement warrant against you in relation to a particular matter and you don't pay, the Sheriff can:

  • Registration and licence suspension Open / Close
  • Wheel clamping and number plate removal Open / Close
  • Seizure of property Open / Close
  • Arrest Open / Close
  • Penalty units Open / Close

    Penalty units determine the amount a person is fined when they commit an offence.

    The current value of a penalty unit is $165.22*. So if you've received a fine for an offence that carries 2 penalty units, the total fine is $330.

    *This amount is adjusted each July.

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