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The infringements system in Victoria offers an easier way for people to deal with some offences – it gives them the option to pay a fixed penalty, rather than go to court.

If you’re caught breaking the law for some offences, you’ll be issued with a penalty in the form of an infringement notice (a fine). This is the first stage of the infringements process. 

Depending on the offence, you may receive a fine:

  • on-the-spot by an issuing officer (if you’re intercepted at the time of the offence)
  • attached to your vehicle
  • in the mail.

If you don’t deal with your fine by the due date, the matter will become more serious and you’ll have to pay more in added costs.

The Infringements Act 2006 sets a standard framework for how fines are issued, governed and served.

You can download the infringement lifecycle chart (PDF, 110KB) and click on the options available to you.

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