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Fines login

More information about your outstanding fines can be viewed by logging into the secure section of this site. 

What information can you view?

You'll be able to see:

  • your outstanding fines with Civic Compliance Victoria®
  • what kind of notices have been issued to you
  • how much you owe (including extra costs for late payment)
  • matters finalised within the past 60 days
  • relevant road safety camera images

What information is not available?

You'll won't be able to view:

  • information about any civil warrants lodged against you
  • images related to a fine you have already paid
  • images related to toll fines
  • images related to fines issued more than six months ago

If you have recently changed your name, address or any other person details (e.g. driver licence number), the information may not be complete.

Who can view the information?

When using this site, your privacy is protected by law.

Only people who have a lawful reason to access your information may do so. Details can be found on the Website Privacy Statement.

This means, only you, or someone you authorise (like your lawyer or a translater) is allowed to access your information via this login.


Companies can only view one infringement at a time.

How up to date is the information?

When you login, look for the 'Outstanding matters summary'.

Information is current at the date displayed in this summary.

Your privacy is important to us

The login process establishes your identity and protects your personal information.

The information you provide will be used for verification purposes only. More information about the handling of your personal details is available in the Website Privacy Statement.