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Need help with your fines?

Published on 21 Oct 2022

If you need help dealing with your fines, there are options available.

You can ask to pay your fine by instalments, including deducting from your Centrelink payments. You can also ask for more time to pay.

If you believe there is a valid reason why you should not have to pay the fine, you may be able to request a review or dispute your fine in court.

There are also special circumstances, family violence, work and development permit and time served schemes available to those who are eligible.

If someone else was driving your vehicle, you should nominate them as soon as you receive the fine and it may be re-issued to them.

Further support may be available if you need legal and financial assistance. Translated information about the fines system is also available in 15 languages.

Remember that when a fine is issued to you, you must do something about it. If you do nothing, the cost of the fine will continue to go up, and an Enforcement Warrant may be issued.

Once an Enforcement Warrant is issued, a sheriff's officer has the power to search for and seize property or your vehicle to sell, wheel clamp or detain your vehicle, or arrest you so that you are brought before a magistrate.



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