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Published on 16 Jun 2022

Our call centre is currently experiencing higher than normal demand. Here are answers to our most common queries.

I don't think this fine is fair. What are my options?

If you believe there is a valid reason why you should not have to pay the fine, you may be able to request a review. Under the law, reviews can only be submitted under certain grounds. If you are eligible, your review may take some time to process, and you will receive a response by post.

If your fine has not yet progressed to a Notice of Final Demand, you may also choose to take your fine to court.

I can't afford to pay this fine. What can I do?

You can ask to pay your fine by instalments, including deducting from your Centrelink payments. You can also ask for more time to pay.

If you're already paying other fines by instalments, you can apply for a payment arrangement using your new fine details. See below.

I already have a payment arrangement and I have received another fine. How can I add this new fine to my payment arrangement?

Complete and submit the pay by instalment form, using the details for your new fine to log in and apply.

As part of the form completion process, the form will display your other fines on your existing payment arrangement – leave them there; do not exclude them from this new application.

We will then cancel the old payment arrangement and set up a new payment arrangement that includes the new fine and your earlier fines. We will confirm the new details with you by post.

I have an excellent driving record and hardly ever get fined. Is there anything I can do?

If you have a good driving record, Victoria Police has the discretion, upon review, to withdraw a traffic infringement and issue an official warning instead. Certain requirements and criteria apply.

For more details and information on how to apply, visit the Victoria Police website.

I'm the vehicle owner but I wasn't driving when the fine was issued. What should I do?

You need to tell us who was driving. This is called nominating the driver. You should nominate as soon as possible – for some fines, you need to nominate within 28 days to avoid licence cancellation.

When you nominate, the fine will be re-issued in the driver's name, with a new due date. When you complete the nomination form, we will ask you for the driver's details and we will also ask for your own details. See Nominate the responsible driver for more information.

My vehicle was sold or stolen / my number plates were stolen or copied when the fine was issued. What should I do?

Complete the nomination form, select the option to tell us who was in control of the vehicle and then tell us what has happened.

You should also upload a copy of the relevant transfer of ownership form or the police report.

I got a very large fine for my company vehicle. Why is this company fine so high?

The larger company fine is to encourage companies to tell us who was driving, so that demerit points can be applied to the driver's licence. This process is called nominating the driver.

Once you nominate the driver, the fine will be re-issued to the driver, with a new due date, and the fine payable will be at the much lower individual rate. See Nominate the responsible driver for more information.

You should nominate the driver as soon as possible. When you complete the nomination form, we will ask you to enter the driver's details and your own details.

Can you tell me how many demerit points I have on my licence?

To see how many demerit points are recorded on your licence, visit Check driver history on the VicRoads website.

I got a Notice of Final Demand but I did not get the earlier Infringement Notice or Penalty Reminder Notice.

When you move house, you are required by law to update your registered vehicle address with VicRoads within 14 days. If you did not do this, your fine will have been posted to your old address. Under the law, fines sent to the vehicle's registered address are deemed served, even if you no longer live there.

If your registered VicRoads address is correct but you still didn't receive the earlier notices, you may be able to request a review and ask us to waive the additional fees that were added to your fine.

If your fine has progressed to a Notice of Final Demand and you weren't driving the vehicle when the fine was issued, it is now too late to nominate the person who was driving.


Do you have other questions or concerns?

See Infringement FAQs for answers to more questions. You can also visit Your options and Infringement fines for more information. If your fine was issued at court, see Court fines and Court fine FAQs. If you need further assistance, there is additional support available to those eligible.

You can also submit your enquiry online and we will respond as soon as we can.



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