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Published on 30 Jan 2017

Fake speeding fines

Fake fines

Motorists are once again being warned to be on the lookout for fake speeding fines dropping into their email inboxes.

The latest iteration of the scam urges recipients to click on a link for more information or to access a photograph of the infringement incident.

The link contains malicious malware that downloads a virus onto the recipient's computer, freezing all their files and calls for a payment to be made in order to regain access.

Previous scams include fake penalty notices sent by email claiming to be from the Victorian Government and the NSW Office of State Revenue, and target motorists in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and ACT.

This scam is intended to fool people into paying the fine or disclosing their personal banking information. There is also the risk that if an email attachment is opened a virus could infect your computer, providing scammers with access to personal files.

Victoria Police never send fines by email - they are only issued on-the-spot or by post.

To check whether you have received a fine, you can contact Fines Victoria on (03) 9200 8111 (metropolitan) or 1300 369 819 (regional) 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Tolling Customer Ombudsman

Another organisation representing itself as a tolling ombudsman has established a website. Please note that this website has no authority to investigate or make any decisions in relation to tolling complaints.

If you would like to make a complaint against a tolling operator, you can lodge your complaint online on the Citylink and Eastlink websites. If you are dissatisfied with the outcome, the Tolling Customer Ombudsman may review your complaint.

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