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Scam Alert: Received a suspicious call or email about fines?

Published on 05 Aug 2020

We are aware of an increase in people being targeted with scams to trick you into paying money or to steal your personal information.

Phone scam

Scammers pretending to be from Fines Victoria are calling people to inform them they have a fine and asking for their personal information. Do not provide the information requested and hang up if in doubt.

Email scam

Scammers are emailing people from a fake Fines Victoria email address asking them to pay fake fines. Do not click anywhere in the email as it contains a malicious link and will direct you to a fake fine.

We never call or email people to tell them they have received a fine. Fines are only issued on-the-spot by an issuing officer, attached to your vehicle or sent in the mail.

If you are unsure whether a Fines Victoria interaction is genuine do not respond. You should contact Fines Victoria immediately to check.

You can help us stop scammers in their tracks by warning your friends and family to stay alert.

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