About Civic Compliance Victoria®

Civic Compliance Victoria® (CCV®) acts on behalf of the Victorian Government to process and manage fines.

CCV® provides services at various stages of the infringements process, from the issuing of fines to the point of resolution.


Services include; 

  • sending infringement notices (fines) on behalf of various issuing agencies
  • processing enforcement orders and infringements warrants issued by the Infringements Court
  • collecting fine payments
  • providing people with information required to resolve their outstanding matters (through this website, the CCV® call centre and the counter)
  • helping people resolve their fines by taking payments and providing information about their options (online, phone and in-person counter services are available).


Civic Compliance Victoria®, CCV® and the logo below are registered trademarks of the State of Victoria and are used under licence to provide infringement management and enforcement services on behalf of the State of Victoria.

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