About Fines

An infringement notice, or fine, is a penalty for breaking the law.

In Victoria, offences for which fines can be issued are covered by more than 60 acts and are administered by a range of state and local government agencies.


Fines can be issued in the following ways:

  • on-the-spot (you were intercepted at the time of the offence)
  • attached to your vehicle
  • mailed to you

Value of fines

The amount a person is fined depends on the offence they commit and the number of penalty units attributed to it.

The current value of a penalty unit is $155.46 (as at 1 July 2016).

For example, if an offence carries two penalty units, the total fine is $311.

The value of a penalty unit is set annually by the Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF), and is updated on 1 July each year. More information about fees and fines is available on the DTF website.

Late fees

If you receive a fine, it is important that you pay by the due date to avoid late fees. Visit the Infringements Process page to learn more about the additional fees that are applied to overdue fines.

For information on making a payment, please visit the Pay Now section of this website.

For information on your options to deal with your fine, please visit the My Options section of this website