Accessibility Options

This page provides an overview of the accessibility options within the Fines website. This functionality has been integrated to assist vision impaired users to navigate through relevant content pages.

Text resizing

Use the icons next to the search panel to resize the text on the website. The left icon will reduce the text size, the right icon will increase the text size and the centre icon will reset the size of the text to its original size.


Access keys

‘Access keys' provide keyboard based shortcuts for Microsoft Internet Explorer users to access pages within this site.
The shortcuts are activated by simultaneously selecting key combinations:
‘ALT' + ‘Access key (see below)' + ‘ENTER'
The access keys available within this site are listed below:

A = Accessibility [e.g. ALT + A + Enter]
B = Feedback
C = Contact Us
D = Disclaimer
F = My Fines
H = Help
I = Privacy
M = Sitemap
O = My Options
P = Pay Now
R = Copyright
U = Terms

Please note:
This functionality is not available to Mozilla Firefox users.