Wheel Clamping

If you do not pay your fine and you ignore all reminders, the matter becomes more serious and costly. The Infringements Court may issue an infringement warrant, giving the Sheriff power to enforce that warrant.

If you do not pay an infringement notice and you ignore all the reminders, your vehicle may be wheel clamped.  

This page contains information about:

When can this sanction be imposed?

The Sheriff can impose this sanction against your vehicle if you have an outstanding fine which has led to the issuing of an infringement warrant.

How does wheel clamping work?

Any vehicle registered in your name can be wheel clamped wherever it is parked, including at your home, work, at a roadblock or public carpark. This can happen at any time, whether or not you have been given notice that this will occur.

To wheel clamp your vehicle, a sheriff's officer may enter your vehicle or move your vehicle. A sheriff's officer can also require you to give them the keys to your vehicle and can remove, dismantle or neutralise your vehicle's locking device. A sheriff's officer can demand identification from you if they suspect you are the person named in an infringement warrant. If you do not comply, or if you give false information, you can be fined.


  • If you clear your infringement warrant, the sanction will be lifted and the wheel clamp removed.
  • If you do not clear your infringement warrant, this sanction may remain in place and your wheel clamped vehicle may be detained, seized and later sold at public auction.


It is a serious offence to tamper with or remove a wheel clamp that has been fitted to a vehicle. The maximum penalty for a first offence is in excess of 60 penalty units or $9514* or six months imprisonment.

* As at July 2017


How to avoid your vehicle being wheel clamped or have a wheel clamp removed

The best way to avoid your vehicle being clamped is to clear your infringement warrant.

To clear your infringement warrant you must pay the amount in full, obtain a payment order, or obtain revocation (cancellation) of the enforcement order which triggered the infringement warrant. Please note that the Infringements Court will only grant payment orders and revocations in certain circumstances.


  • The sanction will only be lifted after you have paid in full in person or the Infringements Court has granted you a payment order or revocation. However, the sanction continues while the Infringements Court is processing any application for a payment order or revocation.
  • If your vehicle has been wheel clamped, you must act quickly if you want the wheel clamp removed. The sheriff's officer will remove the wheel clamp only after you have cleared your infringement warrant and discussed this directly with them.
    To arrange to have your wheel clamp removed and clear your infringement warrant, you must call the number on the sticker that has been left on your wheel clamped vehicle immediately and speak to a sheriff's officer.


For more information on the vehicle wheel clamping sanction or other sanctions, please visit the If You Don't Take Action FAQs page or contact Civic Compliance Victoria® on (03) 9200 8222 or 1300 369 819 (country callers) between 8am and 9pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.