Sheriff's Functions

The Sheriff is responsible for enforcing warrants, both civil and criminal, received from all Victorian and interstate courts. This includes warrants for non-payment of fines registered as enforcement orders and non-payment of fines imposed by a magistrate following an appearance in court.

Infringement warrants

If you have an outstanding infringement warrant, the Sheriff (or a sheriff's officer) can do any of the following upon direction from the Infringements Court:  

  • seize and sell your assets at public auction to pay the fine (in certain circumstances, seize your property before the seven day notice period has expired)
  • suspend your driver licence and/or suspend your vehicle registration until you pay the fine (if this occurs you must be given a Notice of Intention to Suspend [NOITS] at least seven days before your driver licence or vehicle registration is suspended)
  • direct VicRoads not to renew your vehicle registration the next time it is due, (no seven day notice is required to be served)
  • wheel clamp your vehicle, and if you still do not pay the fine, detain, seize and sell your vehicle, (no seven day notice is required to be served)
  • obtain a court order requiring your employer to deduct money from your salary for payment of the fine
  • obtain a court order requiring someone who owes you money to pay that money towards the fine
  • place a charge over your real property (house or land), and if you do not pay the fine, sell that property to pay the fine
  • arrest you.

Sheriff's officers have powers to help them exercise their enforcement duties. They have the power to:  

  • enter (by force, if necessary) and search your home for assets that can be seized and sold to pay an infringement warrant
  • physically restrain anyone who tries to prevent them enforcing an infringement warrant
  • ask you for your full name if they suspect you are the person named on an infringement warrant. If you do not comply, and/or if you give false information, you may be found guilty of an offence and fined.