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An infringement notice will give you at least 28 days to pay or take other action. If you do not act by the due date on the infringement notice, you may be issued with a penalty reminder notice, which will include additional costs. The infringement penalty amount is set by legislation and cannot be changed by the agency that issued you the infringement notice.

If you have a Hand written fine, please click here to view your payment options. Hand written fines include fines issued on the spot or fines attached to a vehicle by Victoria Police or VicRoads (excludes parking fines).

If you nominate another driver, do not pay the infringement notice. For further information, please visit the Nominate Another Driver section of this website.


  • If you have multiple outstanding fines, only one fine can be paid at a time (you may wish to have the relevant obligation details in front of you when paying). Many local councils also offer online payment via their websites
  • All payment methods available to you will be listed on the infringement notice (they may be on the reverse side). If you are unsure of how to pay, contact the agency directly
  • If you have outstanding Sheriff's warrants and wish to pay in person (in addition to the payment methods listed below), you can visit any of the various Sheriff's Office locations in Victoria.

All available methods of payment are outlined below:

Payment Options

    Pay By Internet Icon
    Visit Online Payments and pay either by Visa or MasterCard.
    (AMEX and Diners cards are not accepted)
  • BPAY:
    Pay By BPAY
    Contact your participating bank, 
    credit union, or building society to make 
    payment from your cheque, savings or 
    credit card account.

    Biller Code: 49031

    Ref: Obligation Number 
    (located in the top right corner on the 
    front of the notice you wish to pay). 

    Payment plans cannot be paid via B-Pay.
  • MAIL:
    Pay By Mail Icon
    Send your cheque or money order
    (do not send cash) along with the
    payment slip to:
    Civic Compliance Victoria® 
    GPO Box 2041
    Melbourne VIC 3001

    Please note: In line with common practice, a receipt      
    will not be issued for payments received by mail
  • PHONE:
    Pay By Phone Icon
    Call 1300 735 124 (you will need to provide the reference number on your notice) and pay either by Visa or MasterCard.

    (AMEX and Diners cards are not accepted)
    Pay In Person Icon
    Australia Post
    Present your infringement notice or penalty reminder notice intact before the due date
    at any Australia Post Outlet. 

    View a list of Australia Post sites
    Civic Compliance Victoria®
    Ground Floor, 277 William St
    between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

    You can pay by Visa,  MasterCard, EFTPOS, Cash, 
    Cheque or Money Order.
    (AMEX and Diners cards are not accepted)