Apply to have your matter reviewed

If you want to dispute a fine you have received, there are review options available to you.

The method for requesting a review depends on how far your fine has progressed as an unpaid matter within the infringements process (infringement notice, penalty reminder notice, enforcement order or infringement warrant).

The best way to identify the current status of your fine is to check your most recent notice (for example, the title at the top of the form may indicate "Infringement Notice - to The Operator" or "Enforcement Order Notice").


To complete the appropriate application form, you will require information displayed on your notice.

Apply for an internal review (infringement notice and penalty reminder notice stage)

At infringement notice or penalty reminder notice stage, you may elect to have your matter reviewed by the agency that issued your fine.

For more information about grounds for review and the application process, please visit the Request an Internal Review page of this website.

Apply for Revocation (Cancellation) of your enforcement order (enforcement order and infringement warrant stage)

The Infringements Court assesses these applications, and will determine whether you have provided adequate reasoning for the revocation of your enforcement order (and any associated infringement warrant).


If your application is granted, your enforcement order will be revoked, however the original infringement notice still stands. The issuing agency will then be called upon to decide if the infringement notice should be withdrawn.

For more information about this revocation and the application process, please visit the Apply for a Revocation (Cancellation) page of this website.