Vehicle Registration Non-Renewal

If you do not pay your fine and you ignore all reminders, the matter becomes more serious and costly. The Infringements Court may issue an infringement warrant, giving the Sheriff power to enforce that warrant.

The measures the Sheriff can take to enforce an unpaid infringement warrant include the non-renewal of your vehicle's registration.

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When can this sanction be imposed?

The Sheriff can impose this sanction against your vehicle if you have an outstanding fine which has led to the issuing of an infringement warrant.

What is the vehicle registration non-renewal sanction?

If the sanction of vehicle registration non-renewal is imposed against your vehicle, it will prevent VicRoads from renewing your vehicle registration. It will also prevent you from selling your vehicle with its current registration.

Before this sanction is imposed on your vehicle, you will be sent a letter which includes full details of your infringement warrant.

  • If you clear your infringement warrant when you receive this letter, then the sanction will not be applied and you will be able to renew your vehicle registration as normal
  • If you do not clear your infringement warrant, VicRoads won't mail you your vehicle registration renewal form. If this happens, you won't be able to renew your vehicle's registration and no-one can drive your vehicle until the registration is renewed.

It is a criminal offence to use an unregistered motor vehicle or trailer on public roads or to own an unregistered motor vehicle or trailer that is used by anyone on public roads. To use a motor vehicle or trailer is to drive it, tow it or leave it parked on a public road, footpath, driveway or car park. The maximum penalty for a first offence for an individual is 25 penalty units or $3964*. The maximum penalty for a first offence for a company is 125 penalty units or $19821*.

* As at July 2017


How to avoid your vehicle becoming unregistered

The best way to avoid this sanction being imposed on your vehicle is to clear your infringement warrant.

To clear your infringement warrant you must pay the amount in full, obtain a payment order, or obtain revocation (cancellation) of the enforcement order that triggered the infringement warrant. Please note that the Infringements Court will only grant payment orders and revocations in certain circumstances.


  • The vehicle registration non-renewal sanction will only be lifted after you have paid in full or been granted a payment order or revocation. The sanction continues against your vehicle registration while the Infringements Court is processing any application for a payment order or revocation
  • If your registration is not renewed, it will then be cancelled after three months from the renewal date, unless you clear your outstanding warrant and then pay your VicRoads registration fee within this time. Your vehicle cannot be driven after its registration has expired
  • If your registration is cancelled, it cannot be renewed and you will need to apply for a new registration. This will result in additional costs including obtaining a Victorian Roadworthy Certificate.


For more information on the vehicle registration non-renewal sanction, please view the Vehicle Registration Non-Renewal Sanction Process.
For more information on other sanctions, please visit the If You Don't Take Action FAQs page or contact Civic Compliance Victoria® on 1300 396 851 (8am to 9pm Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays).